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“With over a billion Office customers worldwide, and over 40 million downloads on the iPad, it’s clear that Office applications are what people want to use to get things done.” If you need more

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It’s almost as if the idea of spending $99 and three hours to make a game that can pull in $50,000 per day has made app developers everywhere trip over themselves to cobble together

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Now, if you’ll recall what I said in my last column, you know that I believe we are on the cusp of a new buying cycle for more computing capable devices. While we can

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This is why the “assumptions” column is so important in project design. It gives the practitioner a false sense of safety from such skirmishes although they are intrinsic to the implementation process and critical

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La vía mediante la que se obtienen estas herramientas es en las tiendas de descarga, las cuales están ligadas a la posición que ocupan los diversos sistemas operativos en el mercado, destaca la consultoría

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Most consumers need not worry about their fingerprints being stolen from their phone. The iPhone 5s physically can’t communicate the fingerprint data to other parts of the device or the cloud; the section responsible

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Let me insert here that I had the Pro for about two months, then sold it. As I said before, it was a decent laptop, but I didn’t need another laptop. Yesterday, Apple rolled