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New APIs in Android Lollipop bring capabilities similar to iOS 7’s iBeacons, allowing your device to interact with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. Apple’s iBeacons are used for location-aware apps. But In Google’s version,

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Microsoft has another reason to celebrate as the number of apps available for download from the Windows Phone Store has reached a new milestone. More than 300,000 apps have already been developed and approved

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Como suele ocurrir con Amazon, no todas están al mismo nivel de calidad. Pero, por contra, son 100 euros de ahorro sumándolas todas, siendo una buena oportunidad para renovar nuestras aplicaciones y juegos. Ya

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International television network A&E has enabled live streaming for two of its most popular channels — A&E and History — through their apps for Apple’s iPad. Users will still be able to access on-demand

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Fiksu wanted to figure how if “popularity” as determined by download volume was having any impact on search results, so it began testing App Store search following the removal of the viral hit Flappy Bird

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You may also need a means of editing photos and other graphics files in standard formats such as Jpeg or Png. Here, we’re not concerned with compatibility with particular Windows software, but with the

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Georg Petschnigg, co-founder and CEO of FiftyThree Inc. and co-creator of the sketching application “Paper,” said in a blog post that his company’s program — launched in 2012 and named IPad App of the

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9. Get a few good apps. There are tons of options, obviously, and tons of use cases, but I like the Kindle App for e-reading, Flipboard for news, YouTube/Netflix/Hulu Plus, Pages for writing, Google

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My biggest complaint with the original iPad Mini was its weak display. Go ahead. Call me a snoot. But after years of living in a pixel-free world, the old iPad Mini’s screen looked too

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Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica wrote a great story last month about how Google is taking back control of Android at the expense of the software’s open source roots. Slowly, Google is ceasing development on the